About us

We created Phoenix Works to make charging easier, for everyone

10 years of excellence
In 2011, we started out on our journey to making it easier for people and businesses to understand and get the most out of EVs.

Since then, we’ve built a reputation for only offering the best chargers and for delivering customer service you can really rely on
Shaking up
home charging
Now we’re turning our attention to charging in the home. Why? We think the system is broken. High upfront costs, poor customer service and hidden extras mean people aren’t getting a fair deal. And we were convinced there had to be an easier way…
Introducing... the world’s first subscription for eeeeasy EV charging
Everything you need to charge your EV at home, all for a single monthly fee. Cancel anytime. Total on demand support. Sound easy? It is.

We’re only just getting started. Stay tuned for exciting new features and updates.
We've installed chargers for businesses that depend on them the most

What our customers say

"All work carried out with complete satisfaction"

James, Leeds
"From the first call to the installation, the level of service has been amazing from Phoenix, would highly recommend."

Steve, London
"You won't regret your choice. Everything was easy. Strongly recommended."

John, Nottingham
Sound easy? It is.
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