Charging can be confusing.

Thankfully, we're here to lend a helping hand.

The basics
What are the benefits?

Simply put, we’ve made charging your EV easy. With us, charging is more convenient, more flexible, and – most important of all – more affordable. You’ll see zero upfront fees, and you’ll never have any nasty surprises from maintenance or servicing. Not bad, ey.

Who can sign up?

Our service is currently only available in the UK. Right now, all you need is access to private, off-street parking and the permission to install a charge point if you don’t own your home (e.g. if you’re renting).

What chargers are available?

There are lots of different chargers out there, and it can be a bit overwhelming. To make things simple, we only offer one charger that we fully believe in. Our charger of choice (the Indra Smart PRO) is dubbed ‘the world’s smartest charger’. A big claim we know, but after testing all of the chargers on the market, we stand by it! Download User Manual

Will I own the charge point?

The benefit of subscribing with us is that you get all of the benefits of ownership, without any of the burden. You never own the charger, so you never need to worry about repairing or replacing it - all of which can quickly add up when you’re faced with multiple electrician visits! Our chargers are designed to not let you down (obviously), but if anything ever does go wrong you’re covered by our ‘2 day repair or replace’ guarantee.

Is it compatible with any electric vehicle?

Yes, our services are fully compatible with all electric vehicles.

What can I do with the app?

You can manage your charger remotely from our web app. Once you’ve had your charger installed, you will be given the login details. After which, you can schedule when your car should charge (e.g. at the cheapest or most convenient times), track how much you are spending and ask for support.

Signing up
What is an OZEV grant, and can I apply for it?

The OZEV grant is a government grant worth £350 given to customers who have bought a smart EV charger that they will own and be responsible for the costs of maintaining. Because we offer a subscription, you don’t own the charge point and we take care of  the maintenance- so it isn’t necessary for you to apply.

How long does installation take?

We take installation bookings starting 2 weeks from when you sign up. It takes this long because there are a few extra bits of information we ask for in order to avoid any problems on the big day.  Once we arrive, it should take our engineers no longer than 4 hours to complete your install...and often it’s much quicker!

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my installation appointment?

After you’ve answered our pre-installation questions, we’ll only get in touch if we need to clarify anything with you. Other than that, you can rest easy! The only thing we do ask is that you clear the areas around your electricity meter and where your charger will be installed, so that they are easily accessible for our technicians.

How does payment work?

It’s really simple. We’ll set up your direct debit when you sign up online. We won’t start taking your monthly payments until your installation is complete and your charge point is up and running.

How long does the plan last for?

Our service is a monthly subscription. This means that you have the flexibility to cancel without having to worry about being stuck in a hefty contract.

Is my property eligible for this subscription offer?

The majority of homes are covered by our standard installation policy. Before you sign up, it’s important that you check that your home meets our criteria. If you aren’t sure, don’t worry - we’ll ask you some follow up questions during the sign up progress. What is a standard installation?

Can I sign up if I don't own my home?

If you’re renting or own a leasehold property – yes, you can sign up to our subscription.  However, it is your responsibility to ensure you have all necessary consents from your landlord or freeholder.

Are there any additional charges?

In the majority of cases, no. However, if you would like to cancel your subscription or are moving home you will need to pay £49 (VAT inclusive) to have the charger removed from your home.

What if I already have a charge point?

If you already have a home charge point and you want to swap it out for one of ours, that's no problem. We'll come over and replace it and get your new charge point set up in no time.

Can I use solar panels to charge my EV?

Yes. We can help you set this up during installation, and we’ll also show you how to control when your car uses energy from your panels in our app. Pretty nifty, right?

During your plan
Will I need to pay for maintenance if anything happens to my charger?

No, we’ve got you covered if anything goes wrong. Any faults or hiccups are included in your monthly plan. T&Cs apply.

How do I ask for support during my plan?

Contact our friendly team via email and we’ll get back to you immediately. If the issue can’t be resolved remotely, we’ll send one of our engineers out to fix it within 2 working days.

What happens if I move house? Can I bring my charge point with me?

Yes. You’ll need to contact us so we can arrange to uninstall the charger at your current home just before you move out (a removal fee of £49 + VAT applies). Once you move into your new home, re-join our subscription and we’ll get your charger installed again.

Can I really cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time - all you need to do is provide us with 30 days notice by completing this form.  We will need to arrange a visit to your home to remove the charger at a fee of £49 (VAT inclusive).

Why is there a removal fee?

We’ll be real with you. When you cancel your subscription it costs us over £100 to remove your charger. We don’t ask you to pay for all of this, but we still need to recover some of the costs if you do decide to leave us  (*cry*) 

Referral scheme
I’ve started my subscription, how do I refer a friend?

We’ve just launched our referral scheme! If you refer a friend who is eligible for our subscription service and they sign up via our website using your unique referral code (which you’ll receive via email), you’ll both receive 1 month free membership (woo hoo!). You’ll receive your reward once your friend has had their charge point installed and after the 14 day cancellation period. After this, we’ll remove the cost from your monthly direct debit. No cash alternative is available.

I’ve been given a referral code by a friend, how do I use it?

Easy. Once you’ve signed up to your direct debit, we’ll send you a quick survey asking you to provide more information about your installation. You’ll have the chance to provide your referral code here. Once you’ve successfully installed your charger, we’ll give you your first month free.

I’m ready to use the referral scheme, is there anything else I should know?

The referral scheme is subject to availability and is time limited. We reserve the right to terminate or pause the referral scheme at any point. Any referrals that subscribe after the termination date will no longer be eligible for the referral reward.